Providing tile creations for a lifetime of appreciation

“Providing tile creations” – as artisans we appreciate each job as a blank canvas – knowing the complexity of the entire tile assembly however we focus on proper specifications and continued education – “for a lifetime of appreciation”

About Our Company

Focused on value and integrity, Classic Stone & Tile, Inc. has become firmly established in the tile and stone industry. Basing our business on the principles of professionalism, old-world artisanry, and unparalleled customer service.

We are proud members of and active participants in the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) the largest custom tiling contractor’s association in the world. Our affiliation with the NTCA gives us the distinct advantage of staying on the cutting edge of our industry. The NTCA offers continuous training and education for new products and methods, and access to industry professionals with combined decades of experience is a mere phone call or email away.

We are also associated with the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) launched the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program in 2008 to provide a means for good, knowledgeable custom tiling installers to verify their skills and promote themselves to potential clients and employers. As of 2019 we are proud employers of two CTI installers, as well as maintaining continued training with Allied Goods manufacturers. We feel education and knowledge is key to the longevity of an installation.

In 2019 Classic Stone & Tile was invited to be a member of the international manufacture of allied goods Product Assessment Council (PAC). Recognized for our professionalism they have asked us to test and evaluate new products, partake in industry surveys, and have offered us access to exclusive PAC training.

We personally invite you to talk to our customers and allow us the opportunity to show you the quality of our work. We have both commercial and residential experience, and specialize in bath, kitchen, exterior, and custom projects. Although we have participated in multiple large-scale ventures, we don’t consider any job too small, and take the same care and pride in any custom tiling project we do. We look forward to working with you, next!

John Porter
President & Founder


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We are proud to be affiliated with these companies.

We are proud to be affiliated with these companies.